My Cute Friend (Kengkawan)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

She trust me.. :)

19 & 20 Disember 2009.. Tahirah my best friend.. mmuahh.. she really hard to trust mak andam to "conteng-conteng" her asked me to paint her face on her big big day.. afraid if i cant make her beauty as she want..but she like..fuhh..lega... i still remember " syina..ko jgn makeup aku tebal2 tau..macam mak andam slalu buat tuh.." hahaha.. im using M.A.C kot..n she look natural... but i love to highlight her eyes n her lips look nude..she also dunt like using gloss..hahaha...

i have onother pic of my bestfren during her engagement day..i "conteng" her face also..but dun wan to upload it..coz.. she not marrying dad guy..n dad guy is also my best fren..ada hati perlu i jaga.. :)


  1. okayy sungguh tatau ape relevannya post ni kat blogshop kamu sayang oi

  2. releven la.. i kn ske menconteng