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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sari and Me

If i not mistake, most sari @ saree is made from cotton, or silk. Sari @ saree is one of the traditional cloth or dress for Indian ladies. .and sari is always popular among Indian ladies during light festival (Deepavali Day) especially in Malaysia. Because we are people in Malaysia live in our harmony country, other people in different race, culture and religion can wear that sari..and me too..hehehe.. I am a Malay girl..

I know and love sari from my Indian friends. At the first time i bought it at Johor Bahru, i remember that color is black.. then i know that sari is six yards long..i can make it to two top for baju kurung or kebaya. that time still don't know how to wear the sari.. actually..i love the sari because of the Bollywood Movie..hehe..they got extra cachet among the beautiful Indian actress..hehehe.. They so sexy..when they wear a!

At this time i am not sure how many types of sari..but i know they have different styles of draping the sari.  Most common style the sari draped round the shoulders and it bare the stomach .so sexy.. i saw in hindustan movies..hehe..but at the bottom of the sari always look floor-skimming length at the top only not at the bottom..hehe..But now days there are so many designers that try to bring up the cachet to make the sari more fashionable and can be most current look in the world..not too ancient like before. See one of the new sexy sari now days i found on asiaone website..

Pussycat Doll on the red carpet for Fashion Rock Concert in New York City. wearing black and gold saris by Indian designer Rocky S.

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